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Live at Stone Mountain Arts Center


The Color of Light

"The Color of light is simply the most impressive work of composition and performance I have heard from a pianist in twenty years. That the music connects on such a deep emotional level and is so accessible only makes it more remarkable."

- Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records

By any measure, The Color of Light is stunning. Visually, audibly, lyrically, and emotionally it is drop dead gorgeous. Even more remarkable is this recording is an independent project. Yet, by all accounts The Color of Light looks, sounds, and feels like a major label release. So well crafted, it has a beautifully eclectic sensibility that draws the listener in and holds them until the last notes fade away.

It is the exceptional artist who so passionately puts every ounce of their being into a work there can literally be no expectation of how well it will be received. The Color of Lighthas been embraced by critics, acclaimed producers of music and film, visual artists, musicians, and contemplative listeners across the country.


Dana Cunningham   Piano, Vocal Colors
Will Ackerman   Guitar
Eugene Friesen   Cello
Jill Haley   English Horn
Derrik Jordon   Percussion
Samite Mulondo   Vocal Colors
Steve Schuch   Violin
Glen Velez   Percussion

Production Credits

Produced by Will Ackerman
All pieces composed by Dana Cunningham
Co-produced by Corin Nelsen
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Corin Nelsen at Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County, Vermont
Piano Technicians: William Ballard, Lee Morton
Album design by Bruce Kennett
Album artwork: SCAVI CLXXXIV, fresco on linen copyright 2000 Marcia Myers
Photograph of Dana: copyright 2006 Bernard C. Meyers
All rights reserved. Made in USA
C & P 2007 Dana Cunningham

Song List
  1. Leap of Faith 6:23
  2. Away 3:57
    with Jill Haley, English Horn and Eugene Friesen, Cello
  3. Amazing Grace 3:39
  4. The Color of Light 8:28
    with Eugene Friesen, Cello
  5. House in Freedom 3:18
  6. River of Grace 4:24
    with Will Ackerman, Guitar and Derrik Jordon, Percussion
  7. Improv I (Walking with Dad) 1:49
  8. Flowers in the Dark 5:19
    with Eugene Friesen, Cello and Samite, Voice
  9. Flying Over Water 3:48
    with Steve Schuch, Violin Glen Velez, Percussion
    Eugene Friesen, Cello and Dana Cunningham, Voice
  10. Improv II (First Light) 1:21
  11. Swimming With Stones 5:58
    with Jill Haley, English Horn
  12. Angels at Shady Grove 3:13
  13. Stephen's Song 3:45
  14. Prayer for Peace 4:46
  15. Reprise 8:09
Total Time 68:28